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Sight Night Calgary 2018

A FUN RUN AFTER DARK… …VISION OPTIONAL Sight Night Calgary 2018 Saturday, November 17th Eau Claire Market 5:30pm We are now 2 months away from sight night Calgary 2018! Get a head start and register for sight night Calgary. Registration

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Are you interested in trying out hockey? Consider joining the SeeHawks team! The most significant modification is that the sport features an adapted puck that makes noise, and is both bigger and slower than a traditional puck.

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EDMONTON: Goalball

Are you interested in trying out goalball? Players must wear opaque eyeshades at all times ensuring fair competition. Teams are made up of six players, with three members playing at any one time.

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CALGARY: Fall Yoga!

Come experience the benefits of yoga. Yoga is a spiritual discipline that uses breath control, relaxation techniques, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures to increase overall body health. Learn the techniques to a better mind, body and

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CALGARY: Movement for Me Program

ASRAB invites you to join our Movement for Me class that teaches members a variety of physical literacy skills. Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding of movement for engagement in physical activities for life. These

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CALGARY: Walking Club

Come catch a breath of fresh air, Join the outdoor walking club hosted by ASRAB. This club introduces participants to different pathways around Calgary including the annual sight night pathway at Eau Claire. Where: To be announced! ASRAB’s Walking Club

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