Lowell and Julie are eliminated from the Amazing Race

As of Tuesday August 9, Lowell and Julie were sadly eliminated from the Amazing Race Canada, as the last of 6 teams to the pit stop (we had really been hoping for a non-elimination round!).  Here is Lowell’s reflections on the race and life.

“Our time on The Amazing Race Canada has now come to an end. We were sad to be eliminated as there was more of Canada we wanted to see! Lowell as Sir John A MacDonaldNow that our amazing race is over we can go back to our amazing lives! We are blessed with amazing family and friends and amazing jobs. Being a part of the show has been a once in a lifetime opportunity for us and we will always remember it with joy and gratitude. The things we were able to do and the places we were able to see are locked in our minds and hearts. Being able to race alongside Julie has only strengthened our already strong marriage. We know that together we can overcome great obstacles. Julie and I have deep love and respect for each other and we are glad this came through on the show.

Teamwork. Kindness. Love. This is how we wanted to run the race and it is how we will continue to live our lives.

Here are some behind the scenes points for this episode:

  • The ‘keep on racing’ leg without a pit stop to rest and recover was really hard on us. It had been an emotional day with the clue from the kids, and then we had a restless journey to and sleepless night in Kingston. Entering this leg we were extremely exhausted.
  • This leg had two ‘luck’ challenges, which we were unfortunately not lucky with. We went through nearly all the combinations to unlock our lock to start our car (technology eh? I wish we had only needed to use a standard car key!)
  • For us, navigating and driving our own vehicles was a detriment. I cannot read the maps or help navigate and Julie had to do it on her own. So on this leg we had to stop a lot to ask for directions and map our route. This set us back a lot and contributed to our last place. We were wishing we had a taxi driver in Kingston like we did in Hamilton for our best finish!
  • The bubble soccer was super fun. I actually really enjoyed it, but we just didn’t have enough time. 25 seconds to do a flip, pass the ball back and forth 5 times and then score before getting hit by the goalie was a stretch. We felt we most likely could do it eventually, but thought it would take a long time, and that switching would take less time. This was a risk. We have lived in a lot of “what if” and “if only” moments since the race. This is one of the biggest. If only we had gone to the sailing first, or if we had stuck with soccer and eventually gotten it, we could have still been in it! But we can’t live in what if moments. Accepting what happened and being grateful for the experience helped us from getting down.
  • Rigging a sailing boat is hard! It was very detailed and hard for me visually as well – but we got it with out team work, patience, and problem solving skills.
  • Sailing was super fun! We cruised to the clue but I didn’t know how to stop the boat, so Julie hugged the buoy. She calmly clung to the buoy while I gracefully slipped into the water for a short, unexpected swim. Haha! I had been waiting for an opportunity to swim on the race, and it came!
  • Luck wasn’t on our side in the penitentiary either. This needle-in-the-haystack challenge set us back further. I was unable to see in the dark cells and there were only two clues left in the entire place as we were the last to arrive. We weren’t sure what the clue would look like or how well it would be hidden, so Julie did a full circle with the flashlight in nearly 250 cells before we finally found the clue!
  • The Sir John A Macdonald speech went smoothly I enjoyed connecting to our Canadian heritage. I used memory techniques to learn the speech quickly, and was thrilled to have succeeded on my first attempt! I repeated that dream many times in the days after. Maybe I need to take up theatre work again! Or maybe I better not quit my day job.
  • We found our way to the pit stop quickly, but knew we were last (although it was so close!). This was a bittersweet moment for us because we were disappointed that our Amazing Race Canada journey had come to and end, but we were so excited to talk to our kids that night…. we missed them SO much.

Julie and I would like to thank you / ASRAB Members for all your support. We feel humbled and overwhelmed by the love and encouragement shown to us. Thank you for following along, and being a part of our Amazing Race Canada journey!

As we turn our sight back to real life, I will focus more on my dream to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics!

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