Courage Canada Blind Hockey Nationals

ASRAB hosted a provincial game in Bowden, Alberta on January 25th 2015 to offer the Calgary and Edmonton teams a competitive opportunity to help prepare the players for Courage Canada Blind Hockey Nationals.

The Calgary Seeing Ice Dogs and Edmonton Seehawks Hockey Teams Compete in the Courage Canada Hockey Tournament

Edmonton vs Calgary hockey game, action near net.

Annual ASRAB hockey game: Edmonton vs Calgary, in Bowden preparing for Courage Canada Blind Hockey Nationals

Randy Cameron, coach and teammate of the Calgary Seeing Ice Dogs Blind Hockey Team, along with Meagan Hargrave, Blaine Deutscher and Aaron Prevost are competing in the 2015 Courage Canada National Hockey Tournament. Paul Schmold, Lorne Webber, Blair Nesbitt and Ryan Kucy from the Edmonton Seehawks Hockey Team are also competing.

Taking place in Toronto from February 13-15, the Courage Canada Tournament divides all athletes from every province into 6 different teams. Athletes have to quickly learn how to adapt to new team members and could end up competing against former teammates. More participants than ever before have entered the tournament this year making it even more competitive than last year.

Randy Cameron has been playing hockey for 47 years and has been coaching the Calgary Seeing Ice Dogs for 20 years. Randy’s dedication for hockey has kept the Calgary players on track and expects an exciting, competitive tournament this year.

Lorne Webber, goalie of the Edmonton Seehawks, started playing hockey at five years old and has been part of the Edmonton Seehawks team since 2013. Lorne say’s that this year will be his first time being a part of the tournament. He is excited to play and experience the competitive atmosphere.

2015 Courage Canada National Blind Hockey Tournament Feb 13-15, 2015

2015 Courage Canada National Blind Hockey Tournament

WATCH THE EVENT LIVE! Follow the live stream of the games on Courage Canada Website and cheer on our local athletes.

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