CALGARY – Walking Club

Come catch a breath of fresh air! Join the outdoor walking club hosted by ASRAB. This club introduces participants to different walking pathways around Calgary. Past walking events conducted include: the Eau Claire Sight Night pathway, Stanley Park, Fish Creek Park, Heritage Park and Confederation Park!

Walking Club

From L-R: Kailea Buchholz, Paul McKnight, Colin McKay, Terri-lee Skerry, Vanessa Wilkens, Joanne Chatterton, Jay-jay Mohamad and Blaine Deutsher

Ages: All ages!
Where: To be announced! ASRAB’s Calgary Walking Club coordinator, Vanessa Wilkens and assistant Paul McKnight will contact participants by phone or e-mail with when and where a few days before.

When: 4:00pm on Saturdays
Register: by e-mailing your name and phone number to

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