Blind Bowlers Association of Canada Nationals – Aug 26-30

In August, Lawn Bowl athletes gathered from across Canada to compete in the BBAC Nationals at the Rotary Lawn Bowls Club in Calgary, AB. “It is exciting to see bowlers and coaches from across Canada attending this tournament!” ~Stu Barton, Tournament Chair.

ASRAB was pleased to have members among the competitors this year taking part in the ladies singles, men’s singles and pairs. The ASRAB athletes who competed were:

Calgary- Hugh Gillespie (B2), Heather Hannett (B2) and Brian McIvor (B1)

Edmonton- Geoff Connor (B1) and Vivian Kwan (B3)

ASRAB would like to thank all of the volunteers for their contribution to the event! Notably, sincere appreciation to Stuart Barton, Tournament Chair for his commitment to planning and coordination!


Ladies Singles

Vivian Kwan (Director- Marvin Kwan) wins gold in B3 event

Heather Hannet (Director- Stuart Barton) wins silver in B2 event

Men’s Singles

Brian McIvor (Director- Yvonne McIvor) wins bronze in B1 event

Pairs Event

Brian McIvor (Director-Yvonne McIvor) wins gold in B1 event

Heather Hannett (Director Stu Barton) and Hugh Gillespie (Director Joy Halvorson) wins gold in B2/B3 event

Geoff Connor (Director Brian Walters) wins silver in B1 event


Gold medal B3 Ladies Singles Champion

Gold medal B3 Ladies Singles Champion (from left to right): Vivian Kwan, Bob Smith (Presenter of medals, and long time ASRAB Bowler and Director) and Marvin Kwan

“I could’t have done it without my director Marvin Kwan. It was a wonderful experience and great making friends at competitions like this one. I would like to thank ASRAB for giving me the opportunity to participate in this event. I appreciate all the support.”~Vivian Kwan

Brian Walters and Geoff Connor

Silver medal B1 Singles Winner (from left to right): Brian Walters and Geoff Connor

“The event was very well run and the food was great. I think ASRAB did a great job helping organize the event. We are both very happy to have received a silver medal” ~Geoff Connor, bowler

Brian McIvor (Bowler), Yvonne McIvor (Director)

Bronze Medal B1 Singles Winner (from left to right): Brian McIvor (Bowler), Yvonne McIvor (Director) and Bob Smith (Presenter).

“The event was really great. I had a great coach helping me. With her perseverance and determination we managed to win bronze and gold medals. I am quite pleased with winning and am glad it was a successful event.” ~Brian McIvor

Gold medal B2/B3 Pairs Champions

Gold medal B2/B3 Pairs Champions (from left to right): Stu Barton (Director), Heather Hannett (Bowler), Joy Halvorson (Director) and Hugh Gillespie (Bowler)

“I’d like to congratulate all of the competitors who received a medal during this competition. Competitors came from all over Canada to attend this event and we are thankful to have had the opportunity to bowl with them. I also would like to thank all the volunteers who made this event possible, it would not have been successful without them. Rotary Park Venue was a perfect place for an event such as this one and did a great job accommodating all of the athletes. A final thank you to ASRAB for contributing to this event.”~Stu Barton, Tournament Chair

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