sight night

sight night
sight night a fun run after dark… vision optional

sight night is a fun-run fundraiser that takes place after dark… vision optional, which allows runners to be on a level-playing field with the visually impaired. Those who participate have the unique experience of watching as hundreds of headlamps bob and weave along the pathways, creating a sense of excitement and camaraderie. Come join us and get in on the fun!

sight night is in support of ASRAB – the Alberta Sports and Recreation Association for the Blind, which promotes healthy lifestyles for visually impaired Albertans by providing competitive sport and recreation opportunities. While nearly any physical activity can be adapted to be accessible for individuals with visual impairments, it can be challenging to participate with typically sighted individuals.

Here are the dates for 2024, mark your calendar!

  • sight night Edmonton – September 28th 2024
  • sight night Red Deer – October 19th 2024
  • sight night Calgary – November 9th 2024