About Us

ASRAB was established in 1975 to support visually impaired athletes of all ages and to enhance their quality of life through an active lifestyle.   ASRAB programs have grown to include the direct provision or facilitation of coaching and training opportunities for all levels of participation, including competitive and recreational sports programs and physical activity programs.  ASRAB is in a unique position to assist recreation and sport-based organizations to adapt and modify their programs to include the blind and visually impaired.

ASRAB members have competed in every Paralympic Games since their inception in 1976. They have competed in numerous World Championships in Goalball, lawn bowls, tandem cycling, swimming, athletics, wrestling, power lifting and other sports. Our athletes set world records, are Paralympic Champions, and are Canadian champions and medalists.

ASRAB members enjoy many recreational programs offered through ASRAB or in partnership with other agencies, including: hiking, yoga, sailing, hockey, 5-pin bowling, golf, tandem cycling, cross-country skiing and others.