sight night Calgary 2018 – Honorary Chair Shabu Hussein

sight night Calgary 2018 is pleased to announce Shabu Hussein as the Honorary Chair of the event.

Shabu Hussein
Shabu Hussein

Shabu became blind at 17 years old, through retinal detachments in both eyes. Since then, he has persevered and never stopped accomplishing. He accepted the challenge to lead a “normal” life and had to face many difficulties to reach his goals. Shabu has been known for having a no-excuse mentality and has never allowed his visual impairment to stop him from achieving anything he puts his mind to.

ASRAB has been an important part of Shabu’s life by keeping him active and healthy. Shabu has participated in many activities through ASRAB, including hiking, golfing, biking, dragon boat and dancing. Shabu was also the first blind person to climb to the base camp of Mount Everest! Shabu’s philosophy in life is that he is not disabled, but differently-abled! Shabu has been married to a very supportive spouse, Shaida, for the past 26 years and he enjoys doing many of ASRAB’s activities with her.

“I have immensely benefited from ASRAB programs, which inspires me to get involved, socialize and be active. I urge you all to participate in sight night Calgary 2018 as a runner, walker, volunteer or donor; and support ASRAB to raise funds to provide programs for healthy living for the visually impaired.”