Report on Episode Two of the Amazing Race Canada

Lowell and Julie Taylor placed 7th in Episode Two! It was so exciting to watch ASRAB’s very own Lowell Taylor and his wife Julie accomplish the Calgary tower and fish challenges against the other Amazing Racers in Calgary. We are so pleased that they survived to race again on Episode Three, (which will air next Tuesday July 12).

Lowell and Julie try to net fish

As ASRAB previously reported, Lowell has Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) and is legally blind. Lowell and Julie are active triathletes, with Lowell aspiring to compete in the 2020 Paralympics in Para-cycling.

Lowell shared his perceptions of the 2nd stage of the race with ASRAB:

“We made it through another episode without going home! Our first goal was to: not be eliminated in the first episode. The second goal was to: not be eliminated in our home province. And the third goal was to: make it far enough to go international! 

Here are some behind the scenes details for you all.

We had to wake up super early in the morning to get ready to race and open our clue. We then ran through the streets of Jasper in the dark to sign up for our bus (2nd of 3). I held onto a leash that was connected to Julie’s backpack and had my cane with a rolling wheel on the end to help me with the curbs. We actually ran with some other teams and they were really kind in helping us navigate and find the sign up board. With Julie and the other teams’ help—along with all the visual aids I brought along—navigating on foot has gone quite well on the race so far.

We rode the bus from Jasper to Banff on one of the most scenic drives in the world – during sunrise. This was one of my most memorable moments of the race. 

I grew up on a farm just north of Calgary (west of small town Carstairs). I grew up going to Calgary and we were excited for some hometown advantage. And we were thrilled to be able to meet and hug Mayor Nenshi!

After meeting Calgary’s amazing Mayor, I was able to do something I will remember every time I am in Calgary… hanging from the tower. This was another one of those moments when I stopped and checked in with myself… is this real life? I was able to practice gratitude and be fully mindful of how amazing this moment right there, right then was.  (I made a number of puns that never made the edit… too bad really, I had towering expectations that they would include at least a few).

The fish challenge was really difficult for me visually. In the rush of the race, we let the fish into the same area as the cages, not knowing the fish would be able to get under and around – making it extremely hard to catch them. At the start we quickly collected nets of fish while there were thousands of fish, but as the numbers dwindled, it became harder and harder.  By the end, I couldn’t see the individual fish and Julie was doing most of the work to catch those sneaky remaining ones. I was getting empty net after empty net. It was frustrating, but with our teamwork, positivity, clear communication, and persistence, we were able to catch them all!

We didn’t hear the other two remaining teams and we thought we were last. When we read our clue telling us to go see Jon at the pit stop, our hearts sank. We thought we were going home in Calgary! As we ran around the corner to get our bags, we saw that there were still teams doing the task! What a relief.

We now head to the beautiful and intensely hot country of Vietnam! This has been a country on my travel bucket list! Stay tuned next week for more of our Amazing Race!

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Encore presentations air Saturdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT and Sundays at 5 p.m. ET/PT (1 p.m. ET/PT on July 3 only) on CTV and CTV GO.


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