HockeyAre you interested in trying out hockey?

Consider joining the SeeHawks team!

The most significant modification is that the sport features an adapted puck that makes noise, and is both bigger and slower than a traditional puck.

Players’ levels of vision range from legally blind – approximately 10% vision or less – to totally blind, with the lowest vision athletes playing defence or goal. The team is looking to recruit new players!

When: Sundays at the Downtown Community Arena Time: 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Ages: 15+

Registration: E-mail program.edmonton@asrab.ab.ca

Registration Fee: $175 fee/member – please ensure you’ve paid your fee before starting this program.

The Edmonton SeeHawks Program will include approximately 15 ice times. With 4 confirmed to date – we will be working around events scheduled by the Canadian Blind Hockey and will add additional dates including 2019.

(1) Sunday Oct 28;
(2) Sunday Nov 11;
(3) Sunday Nov 18; and
(4) Sunday Dec 9.

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